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Couples Counseling

Frequently clients seek out counseling to help them improve or deal more constructively with various issues they are facing in their romantic relationships. Below are some of the common areas where people feel stuck in their relationships:

  • Your partner seems to be more and more distant, indifferent, non-talkative, or simply gone most of the time.
  • No matter how much you try, you don’t seem to be able to resolve issues in a satisfactory way that honors each other’s concerns.
  • The frequency and intensity of hostile interactions such as yelling, accusations, degrading language, sarcasm, belittling, even physical violence, are happening more and more frequently.
  • Your ability to understand and cooperate with each other seems to be fraying due to misunderstandings, inattentiveness, defensiveness, escalating power struggles, or intentional non-cooperation.
  • You are feeling more and more neglected and lonely in your relationship.
  • Your partner is increasingly obsessed and occupied with some form of compulsive activity that damages your everyday lives: substances such as alcohol and drugs or behaviors such as gambling, viewing pornography, excessive TV viewing or video gaming.
  • There is ongoing hurt and neglect from boundary problems such as excessive time and energy spent on friends, hobbies, work, helping others, children, extended family, etc.
  • Your romantic and sexual relationship has dwindled or your partner pressures you to engage in something you are not comfortable with.

If you can relate to any of the above issues then I urge you to contact me for an evaluation of your situation.
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